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Davidson Academy in Reno

Take on Talents’ Femke visited the Davidson Academy in Reno. They serve profoundly gifted students and have created their own curriculum for them. Scooby Meredith, one of the school’s staff members, tells us about what makes the Academy so special.  


Davidson Academy: personalized learning for the profoundly gifted

A large map of the United States decorates the hall of the University of Nevada. Almost every state has multiple pins, even a few abroad. These pins represent the original cities of the attending students at the “Davidson Academy” in Reno. These students have relocated to Reno to be able to get education for profoundly gifted. Femke, one of the

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Herberger Academy – for Arizona’s brightest students

Highly intelligent children from throughout Arizona attend the Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy. The school is located at the Arizona State University Campus in Phoenix, and started in 2012. Students from the 7th until the 12th grade are welcome, and the number of attendees has grown each year since the opening.   Needs of the brightest kids Gary K.

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