About us

About Take on Talents

Take on Talents is focused on gifted children and their parents/educators. What does it mean to be gifted? How does one deal with the challenges of giftedness? We will help you find the answers.

We do things differently: we don’t only help you understand these questions, and we also help you with practical implications. How can you deal with this as soon as you finish your article/video at Take on Talents?
We think learning should be fun. We can’t help but smiling whilst working for and with talented kids, and we hope it makes you smile, too.

Take on Talents derives from the largest and most appreciated company for talent counseling in the Netherlands. We started this company named Novilo, to improve circumstances for gifted children.
Take on Talents can:
•    Keep you up to date and educated.
•    Connect teachers and other professionals with each other.
•    Support parents in the process of raising their gifted child.

Our Team

Tijl Koenderink

Founder, CEO

Tijl Koenderink is CEO of the Dutch talent counseling company, Novilo, and has published several books on the subject of giftedness. At Take on Talents, Tijl is the head of training. Tijl knows how hard it can be to be gifted. He changed high schools three times before he graduated with an F in math. Tijl was tested to have a high IQ and great analytical skills. So why couldn’t he make it work? He traveled the world for years, talked to coaches, gurus, children, teachers and parents before finding his answers. Now he uses his knowledge to help American children to use their full potential en feel good.

Femke Hovinga

Founder, COO

Femke Hovinga started reading out loud when she was in the stroller, barely two years old. Her parents did not know what to do. This wasn’t normal, right? Femke was being bullied by classmates, changed schools, and kept experienceing the feeling of ‘not being normal’. After graduating college  with marketing degrees, she decided to take matters in her own hands and help to change the education system to improve the education for gifted children. She earned her license as talent counselor to help gifted children herself. Femke is specialized in the profoundly gifted.

Monir Daniels

Founder, CTO

Monir Daniels a dedicated dad, computer whiz kid, and lifehacker. He is motivated by finding the best, fastest and most effective methods to improve mental performance. Although he is smart, in school, he struggled with reading. Other kids were faster and better than him. Teachers were always complaining about his lack of “focus.” Over the years, he learned to cope with his learning difficulties. He discovered effective ways to deal with his disabilities, therefore letting go of the build up shame and fear of being discovered as “not good enough.” His mission is to prevent and help children with similar experiences.