7 Challenges

Seven Challenges are most common among gifted children. They encounter these struggles most often while developing themselves. Once you as a parent or educator know how to recognize them and help the child deal with it, it becomes a lot easier. Watch the video below or read about the challenges at the end of the page.

“I am not good at maths, because my dad isn’t very good at it either.” This is one of the worst thoughts for a child to convince himself which is not actually true. This and other beliefs are reasons for a child to lose trust in itself.

The memory
Gifted children often learn to understand rather than memorize. This makes it hard for them to study, for example, learning Spanish words.

“School is boring! I don’t like it at all!” Learn how to keep you child motivated when it is so easy to learn and so hard to fit in the environment?

Tolerance for frustration
When your child did try it once and it didn’t work… well why bother then? It is hard to learn from failure when most things work when you try them for the first time.

When we asked a gifted young boy for this definition of collaborating with his classmates, he answered, “They don’t listen to what I say, and I will put a lot of time in just to get a C.” What is the best way of working with classmates?

Working independently
Ironically, working independently can also be a challenge for the gifted child. Having dedication to finish a task is an example of why this can be hard.

Knowledge gaps
Because gifted children learn to understand rather than to reproduce, a child in middle and high school can find him or herself in trouble because of gaps in his/her knowledge.